March 19 , 2019
(from my written notes & observations)
there is the underlying reason of importance to the GaiaPortal messages – to get you to think, to re-activate, naturally organically re-connect one’s lower mind to the higher mind to sync into one’s inner truth & to the message meaning, ‘Curiosity’… it can often hold different meanings for each in how at what level one feels into them. Higher connections are uniquely felt ones, surfacely overall may contain the same coating essence, but when one chooses to go deeper, they are not cookie cutter.

Mellorites are handled as challenges arise.
Ecstatics are unveiled for the hu-beings to grasp.
Fortunate Light sources interweave the shadows.
Stellar companions present.

Bird Box : (thriller) exploring the terror of silence, a character being taken into survival mode must wear a necessary blindfold through desolate forests and raging rivers, as she protects her children and herself from an entity that takes the form of people’s worst fears.
“Inner Confidence, Trust in one’s own natural innate abilities.” or follow the lemming into the rabbit hole .

then I came across this video today from ‘Borean calling’ who spoke about the same movie on Jan.14th – interesting correlation & never have seen this before or this movie.

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