Non-Choice & too much I AM Presence

Non-Choice & too much I AM Presence

several times now I’ve heard someone refer to Choice & being in Divine Alignment…. (like David Palmer mentioned last week, if you have to stop & really think hard, ponder, question, wonder if what is presented to you is in divine alignment, then most likely it is not) …..thus, this is ‘Non-Choice’ which is one of the newer messages I received recently from the higher realms for 2019. For those that are ready to move beyond pondering, questioning all the options, the choices, should I or shouldn’t I ?….all the possibilities held within a space of decision making, to those that have been or will be able to attune to the no-hesitation, ‘auto function frequency’ of divine thought & flow for soul growth, then this will be a very transformative year for you, meaning you are ready to move into the next higher awareness field of confidently trusting & knowing your ‘own soul energetic alignment to all that is right for you’ on these next steps of soul expansion.
(& very importantly, this is NOT a state of ‘Surrender’ – will address that ‘separately’) This is more of an energetic vibrational match to the feelings of Allow, to Merge, to Flow with the natural laws of Creation

For instance, so many times I am gravitated to something, like an image, a video, person, object or other & in the moment not knowing why, but am guided & with unquestionable intuitive knowing, to save or reference it for something that has not yet come, then hours or days or weeks later the alignment of the previous occurrence, unfolds & what I’ve saved is a perfect match to compliment or highlight the now known presentation – this has happened alot for me during my time here at the pond, all in preparation for the next step of ‘auto flow’.

“Knowing without Knowing”

What the higher realms have pointed out that most often lightworkers refer to receiving downloads or they are visited or communicate with higher beings & at a specific range of frequency this is true, but as one’s soul continues to expand one becomes a more experienced ‘spirit traveller’ so it becomes more of an advanced energy exchange as in the energy comes to you or ‘you go it’, but the most important part of this exchange, is this is where ‘divine alignment auto flow’ function comes into action & actually ‘does the work for you’, it is another form of astral travel, that auto stears your soul’s direction & speed & you are automatically sent to the specific information &/or higher being in which benefits you most to learn from next.

This is what the higher realms refer to as ‘Non-choice’ & the true value of being in soul trusting allowance, like a floating leaf upon a flowing stream, unified with the one yet separate at the same time. This is what happened to me with my encounter with Einstein. At that time of not knowing, I thought he had come to me, but now I see it was I who went to him, the why & the how later unfolded…….we also need to understand, there is ‘No Surprise’ from your new mentor’s point of view. Once you are in ‘divine flow’, in this heightened state of divine timing & existence, interconnected soul self awareness, Master light beings already know you are coming. In this energy learning exchange it works both ways up & down, back & forth, to the the 9th field, but it is at the 10th, the exchange is only one way, we must do the travelling as part of the next acquiring, mastering of our abilities, the 33rd state of awareness.
10th vibrational Masters purposely stop travelling downwards in density, so if there is something important our soul needs to learn or experience, we must spirit travel to them, or they may also guide us to another established well versed source they approve of, to acquire the information we need next.

& just wanted to touch on another theme of ‘Non-choice’, a widely spoken topic of how it is a ‘choice to save the planet’……this of all decisions we make, should be a ‘Non-Choice’ !….no one should even take a mila-second to consider this as a choice, it should be an auto-pilot given & as voluntarily simple as taking your next breath of air, which is what Mother Earth lovingly, freely provides….she is fresh air, water, food, shelter….all of nature, she is her multitude of life forms & wondrous gifts, the very means of all survival. No…We don’t have to run out tomorrow & join Green Peace, but we all should be quite agreeable in the
‘Non-choice’ of loving, appreciating, helping, preserving, protecting Mother & all her natural life forms in any way we can…….
Usually when I start speaking this way, this is when I get, well Bev, aren’t you overreacting ?….you’re just too sensitive now aren’t you, too feeling, too emotional about nature, you’re just too much of a ‘bleeding heart’…..
(that’s a prime one) & on it goes, too much this & too much that…..well Yup, that’s me, & often times I do get hurt by feeling this way, but I AM proud of who I AM – it is my living soul piece of ‘I AM presence’ that exists inside me & expresses out thru me, & Yes, it is also true, this living flowing ‘I AM’ essence flows within you too.

‘I AM’ is too much of all of the above, too much this & too much that, too loving, too patient, too kind & has a ‘huge cosmic bleeding heart’ in loving & caring for all of us, all life….when you are tapped into the living flow of creation, this is the Open Heart Feeling of the I AM Presence11111117b

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