Our New Akasha Light bodies

Feb 2016

Our New Akasha Light bodies
(message I received from the higher realms a few weeks ago, & wrote it down, but was asked to wait for the appointed time to release….& that time is now, we are ready to receive & begin digesting its’ meaning as I am told it is very important as we step into the next level of our soul expansion)
Something most profound has commenced & that is the building of our New Akasha Selves ! I’ve always been curious & puzzled about the Akashic records & what exactly are they, what do they look like & how exactly do they work. Lately much is being revealed in which our Akasha (the library of ourselves) & our Light body armor are in fact One & the Same ! & as the continuation in receiving these incredible new understandings I also was directed to this ‘Amazing’ image by ‘Jane Whiting Chrzanoska’….so powerfully pure & perfect for representing a  visual of our New God/Goddess Light bodies for our 3D eyes. I know this is a brand new concept to grasp, so this image was given as a necessary accompaniment to help in the transfer of understanding as it is embedded with great visual & consciousness stimulation. You will also notice how the neck / head area is especially covered with Spheres, as this is the main transfer area in re-building our Akasha Light bodies & also will be the areas where most will experience problematic symptons. The higher realms explain that the Akasha is an immense field filled with energy spheres or some may refer to them as Orbs, invisible to us but still very much real surrounding the Earth etheric plains & are as real as the air we breathe (which we also cannot see) & comprise of areas as vast as the molecules of air themselves. Each of the multitude of souls, including us, the Ancients, Angels & Ascended Masters created them & placed them there. As our souls (current state) grow & our awakening energies reach specific frequency levels, a magnetic attraction commences & all the specific Akasha (knowledge, wisdom, memory) spheres within the etheric fields,  that which were once a part of us & were separated from us, & also including new ones meant to connect with us, will ‘home in’ & magnetically make their way to our re-awakening energy bodies ‘Home’. They begin re-attaching one by one, like new skin pigmentation & eventually (no given time – unique variable to each) will re-create our powerful Light armored bodies, that in which we are ! so it’s True, Yes we are undergoing great transformation internally, but it is our outer skin that will retain & hold the shape of our New Akasha Light bodies !

The higher realms at this time, require us to know more of how magnificently they see us, as beautiful as Shining Stars & each a powerful Universe unto ourselves & so much more than what we see ! …..so many words used over & over, over time simply are no longer effective & not getting the point across any more, & now a new way is required & being prepared to reach us & express this energy which is being imbedded within images that will more effectively & directly stream into our conscious minds. (which I always believed in & am told, imagery will be used at a much more frequent rate in 2016). They also want to point out that these Akasha spheres are much more than in this visual of pearlescent imagery, although quite beautiful enough in this image, they, true to form, are more like living spherical crystals vibrating in multiples of electric metallic colors that we ourselves will regulate & control once they are re-attached – they are much like our definition of micro computer chips, only much more advanced at a creational level & that each one will permanently fuse back as a unified one to our bodies & re-establish all the links to lost knowledge ! (important to Note that our Light Armor is only visible at an acquired energy level & at even higher levels the spheres will completely merge together much like seeing a body aura – unified fusion of Light)  Also they want to point out that each soul will wear their own identity pattern of armor, & although this fully re-instated ‘Goddess’ image, wears her Light body in a mesmerizing spectacular way, each soul‘s Light body will be as unique as they are…..& that’s really so important, as I truly don’t think we have ever taken that in fully & completely.

We all are birthed with the God Spark but each, beyond bodily appearances, travel individualized paths making our own choices, learning & acquiring many things differently, specific growth & expansion, level of emotion, knowledge &  understanding. ‘One of a kind’ truthfully means, You are the only one ever in all of creation, who will think the exact way you do, talk the way you do, choose words, express yourself, your signature BEing & share to others in this specific & unique way ! You are your own map of knowledge, understanding & expression ! (hope All will take a moment & really think about that as it is so Amazing !) You are beyond ‘Royalty’….You are the beautiful Chosen Ones who now live in biological bodies, suffer & sacrifice, & have volunteered to enter this 3D realm to re-store Love, Peace, Harmony & Balance to the interconnected living stream of Creation that flows through ALL the dimensions ! From this Now moment & beyond you are to begin the re-instatement of your True Akasha Light bodies & with that All the Creational energy tools & said knowledge of wielding these tools. ( Note: this process also is going to be individualized & some may fit into as easily as a glove, while others it can be an overwhelming & even painful process but we will all get thru it – keep your faith & focus & acceptance, no resistance) You each have very specific tasks & purpose to fulfill within the Earthly plains – Your Soul Strength will only BE as powerful & successful in your mission as in accordance to your own Self Trust, Belief & Cognition. Your New Light Body will assist you better than ever before & more than you can imagine as you continue to walk forth transforming the Darkness around You ~ holding firm the Eternal Light Life Flame of Creation, always by your side, always with you as your unwavering support & guide & will never leave you . The separateness & duality of Light & Dark will Become no more, All will be transformed to Become a unified New physical form at the sub-atomic level to that of a harmonious co-existence, All in complimentary flow with the Light of Creation !
& it is You, the catalysts, who are doing this as New Light Masters, Co-Creators & CHOSEN EMISSARIES of THE LIGHT !
Also Note : it’s important to understand that building our Light bodies is purely a Magnetic matching process, so just as in ‘Law of Attraction’, You will only attract the energy spheres your body energy projects. if one cannot rise above inner hostility & expressions of unsupportive & abusive behavior, your most powerful & beneficial Light Spheres will not come to you, bond or adhere, but remain within the ethers. Although much assistance will be given to All pending their unique needs & there will be allowances for uncertainty, doubt & fear, pain & discomfort felt in the process, but the Light Spheres will only adhere to existing energy of same Love & Light readiness that is within your soul-body & of their energetic matching. All a process & time specific to each individual, but know the pre-fitting has already taken place…. pre-set to an already planned blueprint process in accordance to the laws of Creation…..in common terms, if you are not ready, you could think of it like how icing cannot be applied to a warm cake, or elements unsuccessful in joining in an unstable anti-gravity field.

One of the most important things to remember is ‘Creation knows your Heart & that is something that is real & factual & no one can hide from’. You Light body will build & transform you in accordance to your level of soul readiness & your energetic matching & will re-connect you back to the One Unified Sacred Life Flow of Creation, & most certainly, is not a process that can be hurried, sped up & or instantaneous – Patience, Openness & Acceptance will always be key within this process .

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