Moon Dragon

Daily Angel Oracle Card: Silver Lunar Dragon
March 21st 2019
(HOW FITTING !!!…..have been with these dragons many times, they are shimmery smooth, snow White with Silver flecks thru their feathers…sorta like hummingbird feathers…..extremely Gentle creatures)

from the Dragon Oracle card deck, by Diana Cooper illustrations by Carla Morrow published by Hayhouse

Silver Lunar Dragon: Bathes you in divine feminine light

“Come into balance and practice peace, harmony and co-operation. Expand your causal chakra.”

About Silver Lunar Dragon: “The moon is a portal through which divine feminine light pours onto Earth. It bathes the planet and more specifically connects to our causal chakra and helps to activate it. Recently, seventh dimensional silver lunar dragons have been able to access this portal and stream into our dimension, particularly when the moon is full. They carry divine feminine light in their energy fields and their mission is to touch us with it to prepare for the golden future.

For 10,000 years we have been influenced by the masculine. However, in the new Golden Age, the feminine qualities of peace, harmony, equality, cooperation, love, unity and wisdom must harmonize with the masculine. So silver lunar dragons are very dynamic now, because they are actively bringing about the balance of yin-yang energy on the planet.

As these shimmering dragons touch our causal chakra and enable it to expand, unicorns are able to use the illuminated chakra as a portal to enter Earth and assist our ascension. In this way, the silver lunar dragons serve us and we serve the planet.”

Guidance: “Choosing this card suggests that you call on the silver lunar dragons to bathe you in their energy and that you practice peace, harmony, equality, co-operation, love, unity and wisdom in your daily life. A lunar dragon will be close by, helping and supporting you. As you are bringing yourself into balance, you are doing your part to bring the planet into equilibrium.

Visualize your causal chakra as your own personal moon. The silver lunar dragons will touch and expand it until the frequency is high enough to allow pure white unicorns to step through it.”*

~ By Diana Cooper


  1. quite an amazing week so far, seen the first 2 returning home, Canada geese fly ‘perfectly’ in unison above me yesterday morning (divine union), an incredible rainbow formed over the lake in front of my house & for the first time, actually could see it’s start & stop points into the surrounding trees ! (rainbow bridge)….then this rather strange visual : my workplace does work for a company called ‘terrapure’ & a sign face was returned, broken exactly between the ‘r’ & ‘r’….& now quite ‘visibly’ sits in the shop…..’rapure’….(Ra-Pure ; Rapture) no kiddin’ !


  2. the dragons I’ve interacted with are a bit more like this, big blue piercing yet gentle eyes & their wings are like iridescent bone crystal lace….look like spider webs that can shrink or expand at will, same as bird’s wings do….their bodies are long, slender & very fluid & their proportional strength to size is irrelevant as they are all equal, big or small….& you have to see them with your 3rd eye, they are not physical beings.


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